Do you dream of that ideal practice?

You know the one that generates increasing revenue year after year without you working more and more

Running a practice should not feel like a nightmare.  It definitely can be stressful and difficult at times, but it doesn’t have to be like that on a regular basis. Hi, I am Dr. Peter Wishnie, the author of The Podiatry Business Solution and a business development and leadership coach.I have run a multiple seven-figure podiatry practice for over 30 consecutive years. 

I can tell you I had many ups and downs over the first several years, including losing a lot of money and not being able to pay the bills, and not being able to keep my staff for more than one year.  However, that went away once I learned the true secret of running a successful virtually stress-free practice.

“Dr. Wishnie, with Top Practices, has been a great asset! In the 3 months with him, I was able to boost my patient volume up by about 30%. He doesn’t just offer you a regimen or a step-by-step on how to tackle your concerns, he offers a mindset. It’s a vibe you feel during the sessions. I recommend Top Practices, with Dr. Wishnie, to everyone. Money and time well spent. Thank you for your pearls of wisdom.”

-Dr. Nadia Shah

Now I want to show you how you can have the same thriving practice.  If you decide to work with me, we will work together to identify your obstacles and challenges and put in a plan to overcome them. If you answer yes, to any of the problems below, then we need to talk.  

  • Staying hours after seeing patients to finish your charts
  • Working nights and weekends
  • Seeing more patients with less profitability
  • Running behind your schedule regularly
  • High staff turnover
  • Associates not producing
  • Collection problems
  • Not enough new patients
  • Poor staff morale
  • Not enjoying your practice
  • Missing important family events

In the beginning, I worked nights and weekends because I was told to become successful you need to work hard.

However, over the years I learned that working hard does not mean you have to work longer.  During my early years of practice, I discovered the true secret of running a successful business without getting burned out, feeling frustrated, or anxious. 

This secret has allowed me to become one of the top 1% of earning podiatrists in the country.  I can say that because I have for over 30 consecutive years ran a multiple seven-figure businesses. The practice became so successful that over the last few years, four different companies approached me to sell my practice.  I just recently sold the business which is now allowing me the time to teach other professional entrepreneurs how to get the life they deserve and desire.  

By the way, this secret is not something new, but is something you don’t learn in professional school, nor is it taught by many other coaches.  The secret is leadership.  Leadership to me is so important, that I became a certified John Maxwell leadership coach.  I have coached many doctors in a group or private setting.  

As a business coach, I work with both professionals who have established practices and small business owners, helping them to achieve their goals and grow their businesses. Whether you are a solo practitioner looking to increase your client base, or a small business owner looking to expand your operations, I have the experience and expertise to help you succeed.

I have helped doctors who have been in practice for over 20 years to reach the seven-figure mark as well as helping young doctors become profitable in their early years.  I can honestly say that my coaching will help business owners earn an additional $10 million during their lifetime.   

Peter Wishnie is an incredible teacher and coach and I’m honored to have partnered with him for over 15 years. In that time, I’ve seen him work intensively with his colleagues to guide them as they follow a plan to solve their practice management headaches. This new program “Getting the Practice and Life You Desire” is an intensive six-month extension of that coaching. We are delighted to be offering a rich, engaging, and in-depth program to podiatrists based on the knowledge, experience, and real world mentoring only Peter can offer.  

Rem Jackson, CEO and Founder Top Practices, Member 2019 – Podiatry Hall of Fame

Let Me Be Your Guide To Your Dream Life

You opened a business after years of education.  You could have worked for someone else, but not you.  You aspired of being an entrepreneur.  You wanted to be your own boss to control your life and your destiny.  You did not want to be someone else’s slave.  

You wanted the ability to control your income, your work hours, the number of vacations you take and when to take them, and to serve the people you wanted to see.

Do you remember how you felt the day you established your business or practice thinking you are now a business owner?  I am sure you were excited, and you couldn’t wait to see your first patient or client.  This was going to be the start of something big.


As years went by, you realized you were taught lies.  Owning your practice was not all that it was cracked up to be.  You work long hours, miss dinners with your family, hardly go on vacations, and have restless nights thinking about how your team is underperforming, or if a staff member will call out sick, or better yet, how will you meet your monthly budget.

As a professional practice owner, you were never taught how to run a business and especially never learned how to become a great leader.  So, it is not your fault that your day-to-day activities are not running smoothly.  

All you want is for your staff and associates to work as you do. But it seems like they just come to work for a paycheck, and they are not motivated to do a great job.  In essence, you feel you are working for them instead of the other way around.

The difficulties you encounter are extensive and demanding, ranging from hiring and training staff to schedule, selling your services, marketing, financial management, and even receiving payment. Despite your professional expertise and passion for serving others, you often leave work feeling drained, frustrated, and even burned out.

Now, I am telling you it doesn’t have to be this way.  Let me be your guide to your desired life.  I totally get it.  I have owned my practice for 33 years and during this time I have found the secrets of building a successful practice on my terms.  I went from a solo practitioner when I was 29 years old to an organization that had two offices and six doctors.  For 30 consecutive years, I have brought in multiple seven figures of revenue which put me in the top 1% of all podiatrists in the world.  

 “I have known Dr. Wishnie for over 20 years.  He understands how to run a business and has excellent leadership skills.  I have the utmost respect for the way he is able to take a long-term goal and simplify it into easy-to-follow steps.  Peter is filled with integrity in everything he does.  He has successfully grown his business from the bottom up and continues to help others reach their dreams.  

Dr. Wishnie is a master of streamlining systems and processes which has provided a business that runs smoothly and efficiently.  Dr. Wishnie has tremendous leadership skills and is the one thing he preaches in order to have a business that thrives and continues to grow.  When walking into Dr. Wishnie’s practice you can see how everyone is genuinely happy, knowledgeable, and well-trained.  This is all due to his leadership skills. I am sure Dr. Wishnie can help you take your business to the next level of success you are seeking.”  

-Dr. David Zuckerman

How I Help You Get the Dream Business

 My coaching is based on three different pyramids. The first pyramid is putting in systems and protocols to get your practice running like a smoothly oiled machine.  You will learn the key performance indicators that you must have to make a weekly action plan. In essence, you will truly become the CEO of your organization. 

The second pyramid is about mindset. You will learn certain hacks that you get you in a positive flow state where every day you come to work with great energy and a positive attitude.  Most people do not realize how their thinking is affecting the daily running of their organization.  

The third pyramid is leadership.  I am a certified John Maxwell leadership coach and it is through leadership were your organization will grow by leaps and bounds.  If you want more time to do the things you love to do like taking great vacations and spending time with your friends and loved ones, then you need to become the best leader possible. 

I have been coaching many doctors over the last few years and I would love to help you get the practice you deserve and desire.  To see if this program is a great fit for you, you can set up a free 30-minute no pressure consultation call with me by emailing me at: [email protected].  During those 30 minutes, I will help you solve one of your biggest problems.

In my coaching, you will have a clear path to implement a plan that will end the confusion, frustration, stress, and anger so you love coming to your office and don’t have to think about it after hours.  

Getting the Practice and Life You Desire and Deserve

This is a six-month program where we meet as a group for 90 minutes every week.

During these six months, we will be working on improving the efficiency and productivity of your business.  Together we will teach you how to streamline your processes, increase your revenue, and get your nights and weekends back. 

 Each week there will be a topic we will discuss but then we will handle any issue that is relevant to the group.  The break-down of the modules is as follows:



The word systems is not sexy but sexy does not give you the life you desire.  Systems help to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve productivity.  This will help you reduce errors and inconsistencies and ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely and accurate manner.   


1)  Improved decision-making: This allows your staff to make good decisions without constantly disturbing you during patient hours.

2)  Increased accountability: Your staff will tell you with a completed weekly action plan.


Leadership is a crucial aspect of any organization as it determines the direction, culture, and success of the team or company. Effective leadership involves setting a vision, inspiring and motivating others, making decisions, and solving problems. Good leaders have strong communication skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to build trust and engage their teams. 

During the leadership module, we will be discussing:

  1. Hiring Your A Team
  2. When and How to Fire an unproductive or disruptive employee
  3. Training your team to be great leaders
  4. Getting Your Team to be accountable
  5. Developing leadership skills
  6.  Inspiring and Motivating Teams: The secret sauce to getting your time back.
  7.  Ethical Leadership
  8. Leading Change
  9. Case Studies and Group Discussions


Collecting money is a crucial aspect of any practice-based business as it determines its financial stability and success. Timely and efficient collection of payments is essential to maintain cash flow and keep the business running smoothly. Late or non-payment can put a strain on the business’s finances, causing cash flow problems, and making it difficult to pay bills and meet obligations. 

Let us help you!


Effective customer service builds trust and credibility with customers and helps to establish a positive reputation for the company. It also creates loyal customers who are more likely to recommend the company to others and return for future business. On the other hand, poor customer service can lead to customer frustration, dissatisfaction, and negative word of mouth, damaging the company’s reputation and potentially impacting its bottom line. 

In this module we will highlight the following:

  • Understanding customer needs and expectations
  •  Communication skills for customer service
  •  Delivering excellent customer service
  •   Customer Service Technology
  •  Team Building and Motivation


Working less and making more is always a desirable goal for doctors but most people feel this is not possible.  In this module, we will explore ways for you to achieve that dream life, basically to have your cake and eat it too.  In fact, it is not only a possibility, but it is a necessity.  The reasons are: 

  1. Better work-life balance: By working less, you can have more time for yourself, your family, and other personal pursuits.
  2. Increased profitability: By focusing on high-value activities and automating routine tasks, you can increase your revenue while reducing the time you spend working.
  3. Improved quality of life: When you have more free time, you can reduce stress, improve your health, and overall enjoy a better quality of life.
  4. Increased job satisfaction: When you are able to work less and make more, you can feel more in control of your business and more satisfied with your job.
  5. Increased creativity: By having more free time, you can pursue new interests and hobbies that can stimulate your creativity and bring new ideas to your business.
  6. Improved business reputation: By providing high-quality services while working less, you can establish a reputation as an efficient and effective business, attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. In addition, you will have better outcomes because you will have renewed energy and love for your profession.

Module 6: Mindset

This should be at the top because your mind is everything.  Without a positive mind, you won’t be able to create the life you deserve and desire.  You will only see the obstacles, not the solutions. 

A positive mindset is an essential component of personal and professional success. Here’s why it’s so important:

  1. Better decision-making: When you have a positive mindset, you are more likely to see opportunities and make decisions that lead to success.
  2. Improved relationships: A positive outlook can make you more likable and increase the quality of your personal and professional relationships.
  3. Increased resilience: When faced with challenges, a positive mindset can help you bounce back faster and maintain a sense of perspective.
  4. Increased motivation: A positive outlook can help you approach tasks with energy and enthusiasm, leading to better results and increased satisfaction.
  5. Better physical health: Research has shown that a positive mindset can have a positive impact on physical health, reducing stress and improving immunity.
  6. Increased happiness: When you have a positive mindset, you are more likely to experience happiness and a sense of well-being, regardless of the circumstances.

Read here what some of the doctors I coached have to say

Dear Dr. Wishnie,

I just wanted to thank you for helping me make sense of my “numbers”!  Before your course, I saw them, just not on a regular basis.  Nor did I have a full understanding of how they so directly related to what was going on day to day in my practice.  I learned how by looking at my numbers for production, collection, new patients, total patients, surgery collections etc… I can really make the changes in my habits, my processes and my staff to grow in all capacities!  I find that I am now looking at day-to-day numbers and have more of a sense of urgency about them because I now have the tools to positively impact all aspects my practice! 

I also wanted to compliment you on how you taught the course.  You really took the time to make sure I understood what was being discussed and took the time with each doctor on the call to make sure you did the same for them.  The “one-on-one” was an invaluable part of the course and I know the individualized attention cemented the information I needed to understand.  Interesting to me was how much I also learned just listening to the advice you gave the other doctors on the calls about how to approach their particular challenges.  Your course was not just a numbers course, but also a course with numerous pearls on how to evaluate the many different “fingers” (or toes! ☺) of the practice; from when to look at hiring more staff, taking on a new associate, billing, front office dynamics just to name a few!  We have all made some financial decisions we have regretted and you graciously shared yours so we don’t make the same ones!

One thing is certain.  I very much enjoyed your course.   I the only regret I have is that I did not take it sooner.

Adriana Karpati, DPM, FACFAS, CWS


For most of my professional career, I thought  I knew how to steer my practice to be successful.  However, I hit the proverbial ceiling.   I’ve wanted to grow my practice for several years and did not really know how to make that happen.   I knew I could not get any busier than I already am.  I was frustrated to say the least.  I first learned of Dr. Wishnie after hearing him on a podcast.  I took a leap of faith and joined a mastermind group.   This has been life-changing.   He teaches you principles on finding the right associate from the start and how to get your associate to think like an owner from the beginning.  I am in the process of hiring my first associate and expanding our growing practice.  Dr. Wishnie is a wealth of knowledge, and I will continue with him in future mastermind groups and one on one coaching.   Peter, thanks for being a guiding light in our profession.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and vision in developing thriving practices.   I am glad to call you a colleague and now a friend. 

Matthew Etheridge, DPM
Pensacola Podiatry, PA

Dr. Peter Wishnie – I first met him through the form of his book, which was recommended to me, and I am SO GLAD that I read it. I am going to start my own private practice and the information in his book is so incredibly helpful and a great guide, I would recommend it to anyone in private practice, not just podiatry. But reading this book is how I got in touch with the actual person – my mind was blown when I found out that I could talk to this author FOR FREE. I made an appointment for a phone call, and I am so glad that I did. Dr. Wishnie is like my personal cheerleader. Not only does he give great advice, but he makes me feel like I can achieve my goals even when I am doubting myself and full of fear. He is a great person to have in your corner, to guide you, to help you, and make your dreams come true. I’m not quite there yet with opening my practice, but I think I can do it with his help. 

Thank you for everything!

Nooreen 🙂
Dr. Nooreen Ibrahim.



👉Weekly 90-minute calls

👉All calls are recorded.

👉Voxer messages:  Up to two messages a week for any reason.

👉4 Emergency calls.  Just use Voxer and I will get on to help.

👉Two one on one private calls.  Just schedule them with my calendly.

👉One group virtual intensive 4-hour event after three months.

👉Community FB group where you get the support of the entire group

👉Monthly goal assessment and devise a plan to keep you on track.

👉Extra 90-minute kick-off call.

👉“The Podiatry Practice Business Solution” book by me.

👉“Podiatry Prosperity” by Rem Jackson

👉“Truths From the Trenches,” a new book by Tina Del Buono.

👉Private coaching call near the end of the program for planning and next steps

👉Access to my Facebook Group 7 Figure Podiatry Business Secrets


🎁 An additional one-month module on marketing your practice with Rem Jackson

🎁 Complete written-out treatment protocols guaranteed to increase your per-patient revenue.